They say revenge is a dish best served cold. 

Well, I like my martinis cold and my revenge served green, green, green.

Have you ever had a trade go against you and wished you could get your money back – and then some?

Most traders don’t recommend to try to take revenge on a stock that’s played you.

But I’m Olivia Voz – I ain’t like most traders.

Using my volume profile, I’ve unlocked the secret of the what I like the to call the “Get-Back Trade”.

If you’ve ever had a stock take money from you, and you want to kick that stock’s ass back – this is how you do it.

Click here, or the image below, to see me explain the Get-Back Trade. 

I set up the Get Back Trade the exactly same way I set up all my trades – by using the Point of Control of the Volume Profile. 

If you watched the clip above – which I highly recommend – you can see that I initially used the Point of Control to plan out a trade to the upside in (AI).

But, what if that trade doesn’t work out?

Voila! The Get Back Trade is born!

The Get Back Trade is kind of like that iconic song lyric from Missy Elliott:

I put my thing down flip it and reverse it. 

In this case, I would be putting down my long call options. I’d flip to the other side of the point of control and reverse my position on the stock.

For this AI trade, that means that I would take my loss – which happens in trading – on my long calls, then I would look for a trade to the downside in AI.

Then I would not only get back the money I lost on my calls, but I’d get back at AI.

Hence – the Get Back Trade

The single best way to learn how to trade the Get Back Trade for yourself is to join my in Trade the Close!

We’re always adding to our trading repertoire – the Get Back Trade, Tooth Fairy Trades, Kinetically Confirmed trades, and, of course – BOMBSHELLS!

I’m trading into the closing bell of the market every day – and that’s when real institutional money comes in and you get crazy moves to the upside or downside in the last hour of trading!

You should come trade with me. If you call 877-212-9163 right now, they’ll hook you up with Trade the Closeaccess for under $500!

Just tell ’em Voz sent ya. 

Can’t wait to bank profits on the next Get Back Trade with you soon!

And remember:



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