Let’s talk about an aspect of trading that most trading services just ASSUME you already know about.

Order types. 

An “order” is how you tell your broker to enter or exit a stock or option trade.

The most common order types are: market, limit, and stop.

Then there are subsets of each of these types – different parameters or requirements that you can enter in your trading platform that will change how your broker goes about executing your trades.

Order types can make a difference in your trading. 

So knowing how what these different order types mean is important.

Thankfully, or resident moderator Boom recorded a handy dandy video all about this topic!

Click here, or the image below, as Boom does a brief breakdown on order types.

Let’s pull out the order types that Boom talked about in that video. 

We have:

  • Market order – buy or sell stock or options immediately at current price – not recommended for options as because of the bid/ask spread (click for more)
  • Limit order – buy or sell stock or options at a maximum or minimum price
  • Stop order – triggers a market order when a stock or option moves past a specified price point
  • Stop limit – triggers a limit order when a stock or option moves pas a specific price point
  • Trailing – a stop or limit order which adjusts by a fixed dollar amount or percentage

We also have different time frames that apply to each kind of order. Those time frames are:

  • Good Til Canceled (GTC) – will remain active until you decide to cancel it
  • Day – will expire after the end of the trading day if unfilled
  • Extended-Hours (EXT) – required for premarket or after hours trading

How to enter each of these orders will differ on a broker by broker basis. 

Take the time to tinker around with your trading platform to make sure you can enter each kind of order – a greater familiarity with your trading platform will help you enter and exit trades more swiftly and efficiently. 

This is crucial, especially when things are moving fast…like with Bombshells!

A question I get asked often is:

But Voz, which trading platform is the best?

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And remember….

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