CONGRATS… you’re in baby!

Given that I have a volume-based trading service called the Trade the Close, and take volume profile requests each day on Money Morning Live it only makes sense that I should have a free volume-based letter to dish out to you on a daily basis.

And here it is.

My Pump Up the Close letter will be signed, sealed and delivered directly to your inbox at 1:30pm ET Monday – Friday.

So, let me just recap what you can expect every day.

In each Pump Up the Close letter you will receive an exclusive watchlist update on the biggest market movers, and a full on vortex of volume insight including a behind the scenes look at my volume profile indicator.

In addition to this letter I will also be hosting a LIVE Pump Up the Close show on Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:00-2:30pm ET and this letter will give you direct access on those days.

Thanks again for subscribing and I can’t wait to get this thing going babyy!!


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